Preventing Psychosocial Risks for performance optimization

The Sound Care method enables you to offer to your clientele deep relaxation sessions with long lasting benefits.

The music session follows a "U" pattern, based on scientific recommendations from medical research, alternating stimulating, slow and moderate rythms on a specific time length.

Sound Care Space inside with your offices

You may offer a Sound Care space inside your offices and enable your colleagues to do the sessions at home too thanks to your partner code and our apps for Android and Apple or through our website.

Sound Care is a brand belonging to the Music Care group.

Our method is the result of extensive medical researches and had been the subject of over 30 scientific publications. Its effectiveness has earned it a nomination to the 2010 Victoires de la Medecine in the category Neurology.

The Sound Care method

Technique of personalized music therapy, based on a sensory experience that submerge the body and mind while balancing the biological rythms with the chosen calming musical rythms.