Original Music

Recording sessions

Our sessions are recorded in professional studios with renowned musicians so as to ensure high fidelity sound. Each recording needs to find the right balance between the original artistic creativity of the musicians and the scientific protocol common to all our sessions.


See how a few Sound Care sessions were recorded at the Meudon studios in France: "Afrotherapy" composed by Tony Allen, "Reverie" composed by David Bismuth, "Jamaican Reggae" composed by Vin Gordon, "Around the Piano" composed by David Bismuth.

Music to suit all tastes

At the crossroads between cultural, ethnic and generational experiences, everyone reacts differently to a particular style of music, rhythm and sound, depending on their own life experiences. In order to adjust to these personal inspirations, the SOUND CARE programme is built around original musical creations produced by talented artists.

Our principal composers

We are passionate about our music and always involve talented musicians who are often known to the general public such as Vin Gordon-Bob Marley's legendary trombonist, or Ahmed Achour, conductor of the Tunis Symphony Orchestra.